Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pearl of Wisdom #2

"After visiting the established churches, Paul and Silas did not sit still and wait for the Lord to tell them exactly where to go next. They had a conviction to move in a northwestern direction, and they trusted God to confirm or deny that direction. This is what we call “guidance in motion.” Some- times people sit and wait for the Lord to tell them exactly what to do, but they might end up sitting in their rocking chairs until they die. According to the law of physics it is easier to guide an object that is in motion than one that is sitting still."- Book of Acts by Paul Caram

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I have observed something else under the sun

Our God is in control of every season, in fact, He designed them for specific purposes, but He is also sovereign and can do as He pleases.  Around this time of the year, here in Waverly, there should be about 3 inches of snow on the ground,  -5 degrees, and overcast.  Surprisingly, its been around the 40's with clear blue skies and bright sunshine. If your from Miami, this is a cold winter, but up here, this is an extremely odd and warm winter.  Yesterday I was able to enjoy a nice workday in a simple T-shirt and pants and the nice sun beaming down.  As I contemplated the oddness of this "winter," it brought to mind the thought that God is in control of everything and can work in and out of season.  In our lives as we go through different seasons, we can rest assured that God has everything in His hands. Specifically, I felt the thought of going through cold dry times come to me, a "winter" type of season, and despite everything He can still bring the summer warmth to keep us, even through what should be a cold and dry time.