Friday, October 12, 2012

The Exodus

This past week was filled some surprising events, moments of testing and times of stressing. In the end it was a great week where much personal growing occurred. This week we studied the book of Ruth, Colossians and Philemon, all small books but packed with such great lessons for us all. Ruth portrays not only a love story but typifies our salvation as we are redeemed from the world into the heavenly kingdom. Colossians teaches us truths about holiness and how it depends on our relationship with Christ and not on our own works. We ended with Philemon which brings out God's heart for restoration. It was a great blessing to journey through these books and just have God speak to each one of us through them. On top of that I had my chapel preaching on wednesday. This was definitely a special chapel where God met with us intensely. The worship lasted a bit longer than usual, but so many prophecies came forth we did not want stop the move of God. God was definitely calling us to draw nearer and press higher up His holy mountain. It was a time of refreshing and encouragement for each of us I believe. The preaching that followed was on that very thing that God was speaking to us, to press into His glory, as Moses cried out at the beginning of his journey with Israel after being freed from Egypt, Exodus 33:18: "please, show me your glory."I believe God will continue to show us more of who He is as are hearts come humbly before Him, for knowing who He truly is, will be necessary for the times that are coming.