Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pearl of wisdom #1

·      “the more you fear God, the less you fear man.” -Rev. Paul Caram

Monday, January 16, 2012

Por un destello de Tu gloria

Well the break has come and gone.  It was definitely a blessed break as I was able to visit new places, meet some new people, and experience God in new ways.  As I look back to this short month that just passed, I can see how God moved so rapidly and deposited many wonderful things in my life.  I feel strongly that throughout this break, God used certain situations to open provisions for me for this semester, both in the natural and spiritual.  I am so thankful that although I had a break from school, I did not have a break from Him.  It has been a pretty smooth transition from one semester to the next.  I did not even think I would still be here, but, oh me of little faith, God surprises. Starting classes, a warm welcome awaited us along with a cold front and plenty of white snow.  This has been the coldest week since I have been here, thank God for hot white choco mochas! This semester we are starting out with a class never taught here before, the covenants. Its a class on all the covenants God made throughout the bible with His people, ending with the New testament.  I am not sure what this semester holds for all of us, but I know God has made many BIG conditional (keyword) promises for my life that directly involve my time here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't give up the ship!

This past weekend, Pedro and I took a drive to Erie to stay with the Carams.  The weather was pleasant as this winter has been quite unusual, a relatively warm winter.  We arrived Friday afternoon and enjoyed a delicious home cooked meal from aunt Jane.  I don't recall any moment where I was hungry while my stay there, apparently they are quite famous for that, can't complain.  On saturday morning we headed over to their beautiful church, which actually used to be a firehouse.  The building is 107 years old this year, yet it is in great shape.  It is a strong building, and as Ps. Caram says, a fort indeed. That morning we had practice for a special for sunday and afterwards we headed to a nursing home where we sang some songs.  Its always nice to see the glow in people's eyes when you sing songs to them that reminds them that Christ is very much alive.  Saturday night we had dinner and movies with the Anderson family.  We enjoyed the evening so much, the food was great and the movies were hilarious, oldies, but funny nonetheless.  Sunday services were a blessing, and Pedro and I had the privilege to play in the worship team with them and Sunday evening we shared a quick testimony. We finished off the trip with a quick drive down to the bay and to the peninsula (Presque Isle).  There was some rich history there as Lake Erie was a site of one of the pivotal moments in the war of 1812.  It is crazy to see such a peaceful place, made for recreation now, and yet think on the gruesome battle that once took place there.  Oliver Hazard Perry held off the bay and defeated the British (not one of Ps. Baileys favorite stories), and won a great victory for America.  In honor of his fallen friend Captain James Lawrence, he had a flag on the ship which read: "Don't give up the ship," Lawrence's final words.  It became the motto for the war, and an inspiration to many of how Perry, against much adversity, defeated the great Royal Navy.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

In the beginning was the word

This break has been completely different than any other and definitely not a boring one. Meeting new friends here at ZMI has opened opportunities to expand my travels a bit, and I love road trips!  This "new years" I spent it in a small town called Ulysses in Pennsylvania.  Saturday was a fun filled day with random games and even a Nerf gun battle at the camp.  In the afternoon we had dinner at the Vaughn's house, with members of the Ulysses Zion church.  Afterwards we headed to the church where they had their new years service, a small recap of the year.  Sunday morning service was quite special, Pastor Charlie Philip was the speaker and he preached on the mercy of God and how we are to extend that mercy to others.  Afterwards he prayed for everyone, and had prophecies for each one.  God definitely surprised me as I was not expecting to receive the words that I did receive, nevertheless, it confirmed a few things I had already been feeling and will surely prepare me for whats ahead for the rest of the year.  Monday was a day filled with some fun in the su... I mean snow, quite a scenery change from last year, from beach to snow covered mountain, trying to avoid the 2 feet of snow predicted for that area of the country. Either way we made the best of it and did some sledding and even some soccer, the drive home was another story as visibility was very limited. Altogether it was a great weekend with awesome people, and what a blessing it is to begin the year with such helpful directions from the Lord for what lies ahead.  

 Ps. Philip Vaughn
 Ps. Paul Caram
 Ps. Charlie Philips