Sunday, April 21, 2013


So the end of this two year journey has come to its close, yet it is not an ending as made very clear by those who endeavored before me. Its simply a launching pad, into what? well thats the fun part. Bible school is more than a simple chapter in a book, its become a platform if I may say to which the rest of the chapters will be birthed from. Ps. Tucker told us to always remember "Zion Ministerial Institue." Each word carries its own weight, and the heaviest of course is "Zion" itself. These three words were lonely letters that helped describe to others my physical location. But now, they are a constant reminder of a time where God took me aside by the hand spoke to me in ways I had never experienced before. The last week of convention was both exciting and hectic. Looking forward to graduation but much work and closure was still awaiting. There was still work to be done on the video for graduation, but thankfully it all came through by wednesday and was able to enjoy thursday and friday to its fullest. Graduation came and went, but we soaked all of it in as we sat there, enjoying the events as they unfolded, meditating on the past, the words that had been spoken and yet listening intently to what God was speaking to us that day. Its exciting to look ahead to what God has for us all, times of putting to work what we have learned awaits us.

Special thanks to: Marcos Borrayo-Filming, Leah Anderson- Piano, 
Sarah Kongabel- Keys, David Bravo- Harp, Laura Darley- Ideas.