Thursday, April 19, 2012

closing thoughts

Another semester has come and gone, leaving behinds its precious jewels. there was much to learn this semester both from the teachers and from what God has spoken. Not sure what the summer has in store for me, but I know God has the full control of things to come. It was sad to have to say goodbye to those whom I spent this journey with, especially the graduates, but I know this time was only a stepping stone in the path that God has for each and everyone of us.  Each one has taught me so much, and I am thankful that each one played an important role in my life during this time.

I spent my last days playing soccer with some of the students and traveling to be with some wonderful people in Canada. It was nice to see the members of the Zion church in Kitchener who are all a great group of people and spend some time with the Hamiltons. Im very grateful with everyone for their kindness and the friends who took me out for some delicious coffee!