Friday, May 10, 2013

Moving forward

For those whom I had not told, I started a new blog, you are welcome to join me there!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


So the end of this two year journey has come to its close, yet it is not an ending as made very clear by those who endeavored before me. Its simply a launching pad, into what? well thats the fun part. Bible school is more than a simple chapter in a book, its become a platform if I may say to which the rest of the chapters will be birthed from. Ps. Tucker told us to always remember "Zion Ministerial Institue." Each word carries its own weight, and the heaviest of course is "Zion" itself. These three words were lonely letters that helped describe to others my physical location. But now, they are a constant reminder of a time where God took me aside by the hand spoke to me in ways I had never experienced before. The last week of convention was both exciting and hectic. Looking forward to graduation but much work and closure was still awaiting. There was still work to be done on the video for graduation, but thankfully it all came through by wednesday and was able to enjoy thursday and friday to its fullest. Graduation came and went, but we soaked all of it in as we sat there, enjoying the events as they unfolded, meditating on the past, the words that had been spoken and yet listening intently to what God was speaking to us that day. Its exciting to look ahead to what God has for us all, times of putting to work what we have learned awaits us.

Special thanks to: Marcos Borrayo-Filming, Leah Anderson- Piano, 
Sarah Kongabel- Keys, David Bravo- Harp, Laura Darley- Ideas.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


This past weekend was one filled with adventure and excitement but most important, an opportunity to share the word of God with fellow believers. We, the fourth semester students, went on an outstation to Concord, New Hampshire to Pastor Gazaway's church. The trip there was an adventure in of itself because of the long drive but also the beautiful scenery. Driving through the snow covered mountains yet sunny skies made the day perfect for driving. The winding roads made us all a little car sick after a while but a quick stop and fresh air helped settle us down. We made it safely to the Gazaway's house and enjoyed a delicious home cooked dinner. Afterwards we went our separate ways to where we were staying for the night.

On Saturday, we went with some of the youth to Boston to walk the city for a little bit. Enjoyed getting to know a little more of Boston. Afterwards we had a prayer meeting and dinner.

Sunday morning I had the privilege of teaching Sunday School. I spoke on the life of the John the Baptist and how his ministry applies to our days as ushering the Lord's second coming. Laura led worship and Leah was on the piano. We all participated in the a special. Cesar gave the main message on being doers of the word. Ken and David shared on healing and believing that God can and has His timing for everything. It was very encouraging to be there and see here my fellow classmates minister in there respective areas. The Lord is doing great things with our class and I'm excited to see what is next. For now, I will be busy with homework and getting ready for Justin and Alyssa's wedding! 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A New Thing

This week has been a week of memorable moments. It has been some of my busiest days thus far but I know there are plenty to come. Last saturday Marcos and I were able to get part of the graduation video filmed and edited. I feel I have accomplished something off my long "to-do" list. Sunday morning I experienced something that surpassed my expectations for what God had in mind for the worship service. We had a great time in the presence of the Lord and after service a few classmates and Sis. Suzette came up to me saying I had prophesied on the cymbal!! I had heard of stories of some who had done it but never experienced it for myself and I remember Ps. Tucker exhorting me to last convention but not even knowing where to begin. The theme for this semester is a "New Thing," it is safe to say that, that day, I stepped into something new, and the congregation as well. As it was described to me, something broke through in the spirit during open worship, and we all stepped in to a new level that most of us had never been in. I am still humbled by the thought, but it happened. It is exciting to see what He will do next. On tuesday I preached what may have been my last chapel message as a student. It was an exhortation of what the Lord had been working in me, a heart to reach out and disciple others, especially those who may be struggling. I closed it with re-enacting John 13, washing Marcos' feet. I think it drove the point across of just how Jesus loved His disciples and was willing to serve at the lowest place to make others better and continue in the faith.

As I was writing this blog I planned to end it here but had in mind the friday night guy's prayer. We the male students, got together on friday night for a time of worship and prayer in the sanctuary. We set aside the hours of 7-1AM to dedicate it to seeking the Lord. I was worried at first that it would just be another night but the Lord was faithful to come. He did exceedingly abundantly more than what I could ask or think. We freely poured ourselves before the Lord in worship and there were times of prophecy and quieting ourself before the Lord. We were all blessed as a whole but more-so individually as the Lord adressed issues and there were many breakthrough's. Its a night that I'm sure none of us will forget, but I do pray that the work the Lord did, will continue to grow in each of us. Amen and amen.

By Marcos B

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Things are turning

For many years, America and England were great contributors in missions around the world especially to Africa. It seems we have forgotten and moved away form that strong desire to spread the Gospel that we once had and have lagged behind the very nations we poured so much into. Here is an interesting article on how those whom we have reached out to see the need America and England have to be reached with the Gospel themselves.

What Africans Prayed Last Week for America

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Last term

The unavoidable last term has arrived and I must say I've embraced it more willingly than expected. There are two desires that constantly fight within at this stage in the training. One that feels an inadequacy to leave here while the other is set for the battle ahead. How does one bring these two in to a healthy balance. Ah yes, the ever faithful peace of God. It is a delicate time to truly fine tune my senses onto what God is directing me to do. There is much to learn academically here, but more importantly, is what God is speaking personally to our lives. It is that personal vision that will take us somewhere, to the very will of God. It always amazes me how Paul was superior in academics concerning the scriptures and the law, yet God trained him for years on learning God's leading. That is where I find myself now, digging deeper in the word, but more so, walking higher up the mountain of His presence, and I will climb that mountain, with my hands wide open.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bind us together

Another semester has concluded, but an end is far from sight. As December 14 crept closer and closer, the unavoidable bittersweet moment was about to smack us all in the face. The day came and we made the best of it. This week we closed off with our class on the restoration books. It is one of my favorite eras in the bible to study, including the prophets who played such an essential role in the completion of this era. The restoration era also speaks to us about the restoration of the church itself. In the last days, the church will be restored to its original glory that God had intended it to be. It will be a glory that remains and as we have a vision for it, we must work to bring maturity about in our lives and the church.

After class was done, we spent a lot of time together, taking pictures and telling stories. We also enjoyed a night at tinsel and lights down in Waverly and dinner together afterwards. The night before we had thrown a surprise party for the graduates as a last good bye. We spent the night sharing favorite memories, singing favorite songs and playing silly games. Its hard to see the grads leave, but I know its just another step in their calling and I'm very happy for them. They were such a special group of individuals who left an indelible mark in my life. Our prayer in the end is the Lord would bind us together. That the friendships we made would be a strength to each other in the days to come. Who knows what nation we will see each other in next, but for now, I must focus on my last semester.