Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear Canada,

Thank you for a great weekend. As we left NY early saturday morning, excitement filled the air for the unknown that lied ahead.  The 5 of us left without knowing how uncomfortable the back seat would be, but it was definitely worth it. I enjoy road trips very much, so it was to me a small price to pay to visit you. It was a great privilege to be with the friends you hold behind your borders, and the new ones I made as well. Your inhabitants were very kind and loving, we greatly appreciated all the hospitality. Saturday night was a blessing as we played games with the youth and Pedro and Cesar shared a quick message with them.  Sunday morning was a bit of a crazy rush as the time changed, so got less sleep, but either way, things worked out just fine.  The service was a great blessing, being able to meet new people like Tito, to be able to share with everyone and the encouraging prayer for each of us at the end. It was sad to have to say goodbye to everyone, but we shall see each other soon.