Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Last term

The unavoidable last term has arrived and I must say I've embraced it more willingly than expected. There are two desires that constantly fight within at this stage in the training. One that feels an inadequacy to leave here while the other is set for the battle ahead. How does one bring these two in to a healthy balance. Ah yes, the ever faithful peace of God. It is a delicate time to truly fine tune my senses onto what God is directing me to do. There is much to learn academically here, but more importantly, is what God is speaking personally to our lives. It is that personal vision that will take us somewhere, to the very will of God. It always amazes me how Paul was superior in academics concerning the scriptures and the law, yet God trained him for years on learning God's leading. That is where I find myself now, digging deeper in the word, but more so, walking higher up the mountain of His presence, and I will climb that mountain, with my hands wide open.

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  1. "and i will climb this mountain with my hands wide open" love this!!